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Olive Wood Creations

These Olive Wood products are brought to you from the heartland of sun-blessed island of Crete.

They are hand made in a traditional pure way and are characterized by superior craftsmanship and peaceful aesthetic. Every product is individually carved out from a single piece of olivewood.

Their unique appearance is due to the individual grain structure and density. They are naturally rich in colour, and have a delicate scent of olivewood. They are timeless due to the durability of the olive wood has.

The products can be cleaned with a wet cloth, and wiped out, dry. An occasional light application of olive oil, will enhance the natural colour, and protect from dryness.

The collection features both decorative and practical pieces, that can be acquired both for personal use and/or presented as original gifts.

& Other Handmade Products

Our passion for high quality let us to create an outstanding range of crochet products. They range from utilitarian to wearables from monochrome to multi-coloured adding harmony and comfort to everyday life.